Two Conditions On Shipping

Freight Collect

Freight Collect: no shipping fee, arrange shipping by yourself.

Freight Prepaid

Freight Prepaid: we will calculate an estimate shipping fee based on weight of your order, get shipping charges together with balance charges of order, then ship goods to you while we finished all goods.

Three Ways to Ship Goods From Us To Your Place

express shipping | air shipping | sea shipping

Express Shipping

DHL, FedEx, UPS or other Express

1> Door to Door Service;

2> Fast & Safe;

3> For Goods Which the Weight in 200 KG; Little Expensive

Air Shipping

1> Shipping to Airport, you’d pick up goods by yourself or charge to a local express for shipping from airport to your place;

2> Safe, Fast in about one week;

3> For Goods Which the Weight over than 300 KG

Sea Shipping

1> Shipping to Sea Terminal, you’d only pick up goods by yourself;

2> Safe but Slow, Normally need about one month;

3> For Goods Which the Volume was Bigger and Have Plenty of Time to Get Them; Cheapest Price

Which is the best way to ship goods from us

Our Suggestion

Freight Prepaid + International Express Shipping + ship goods from Hong Kong

Freight prepaid

cheaper than use your express account

Express Shipping

fast & safe, good for weight of goods less than 300 kg

Ship goods from Hong Kong

economic free port

How to track your shipping

We will give you a tracking no. after we shipped goods out, and we will always updated shipping status until you get goods and give us your feedback

You can track goods based on tracking no. by yourself

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