Stainless Steel Chain Bracelet w/ Photo Engraved Steel Skull Charm




316 stainless steel


no stone


available in additional color: silver, gold plated, rose-gold plated


100 pcs/design

Why People Love Photo Engraved Skull Bracelet

    In the 19th century, funeral jewelry was popular during that time, since then, the Gothic jewelry series products launched by Loree Rodkin in 1989 has awakened and promoted the popularity again. In addition, the image of the gimmick used to celebrate the smile and dance of the Mexican Halloween Dia de Los Muertos has been constantly appearing in Mexican artworks, which makes the image of the original meaning and fear begin to accept by more and more people.  In addition to Mexican artists, Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst, which we are familiar with, are also famous for their “skull complex”.

    Skull is really related to fashion beginning in London in the 1970s. In the era when the counter-culture dominated by punk, Malcolm McLaren and his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood launched a series of punk costumes inspired by gimmicks, which were sought after by young people. Skull also became the symbol of the anti-mainstream cultural group in London at that time.

    However, Skull really became the Fashion Icon, which is sought after by more fashion people, thanks to another British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. He is a recognized ghost designer and is considered a British fashion godfather. His design has a gloomy romantic feeling, death, sex, darkness, and destruction are the constant themes in his works. He always walks between two levels: weak and strong, conservative and Debauchery, magic and reality, these seemingly contradictory elements are often perfectly integrated into the same piece.

    The elements of the skull are filled with all aspects of our lives, hats, costumes, handbags, shoes, and of course, a dazzling array of accessories. Various styles of necklaces, rings, dazzling, I recommend a photo engraved skull bracelet, a metal chain with a cut skull, high shiny metal, with a hollow skull, a perfect unity of the two elements, engraving immemorial poems “You used to be like me, I will be like you in the future”.

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