Black Cord Bracelet w/ Personalized Stainless Steel Motorcycle




316 stainless steel


no stone


available in additional color: silver, gold plated, rose-gold plated


100 pcs/design

Why People Love Photo Engraved Motorcycle Bracelet

    Many men have a motorcycle dream, dreaming as in American movies, wearing a helmet and sunglasses, with a black leather coat & black gloves, riding a cool motorcycle on the street, or rushing on the tarmac road that can’t see the head in the wilderness of the West. Listening to the roar of the motorcycle engine, watching the car jammed together that was lost behind by himself, the sense of superiority in the heart could not help but well up.

  • Are you a person with a motorcycle dream?
  • Are you willing to engrave your cool photos on the motorcycle bracelet?
  • Are you willing to mark an unforgettable letter on the photo engraved motorcycle bracelet?
  • Even are you willing to use motorcycle bracelet as a fashion bag accessory.

The motorcycle may not always in your side, dreams are always with us.

Choose this motorcycle bracelet, black leather rope with stainless steel mete, high shiny polishing is no less than the real effect of a real motorcycle.

Wear the photo engraved motorcycle bracelet, it brings us to the scene of riding a motorcycle.

pull down the helmet, the body leans forward, twist throttle;

the roaring of the engine, detonating the blood of young people;

enjoy the thrill of speed and passion.


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